Experienced Team

We’re a team of 60+ people who are all masters of what we do.

We love what we do and the people we work with. Our team is half-split between developers, designers, quality analysts and project managers. All of us who work at BrainyBeam share the vision and values of our community. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born when diligence mixes with fun and creativity mixes with professionalism, which makes our process unique.

Certified Developers

We have highly skilled certified developers in different technologies.

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Quality and Security

We thoroughly test each part of your solution to ensure that the application is fully functional and accurate, while satisfying the detailed business logic and transformation rules.

We will then conduct a code review, which is a systematic examination of source code to identify any inaccuracies, ensuring the high quality of the software. These code reviews ensure your code excludes any vulnerability and will improve your software security and reliability.

Data and Software Security

To avoid any issues regarding security of data and project’s implementation, we offer robust and scalable agreements with clients. We believe that “Disciplined work gives extension to relationship”. We are always ready to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to enhance the work quality and neglect security issues regarding any form of project materials.

Our company targets on pure transparency regarding exchange of information between the company and clients. The aspects covered here include:

Client NDA

We require an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with our clients to ensure a confidential development environment within each project. We openly discuss at length issues regarding security and other areas of concern. This discussion discloses the amount of data needed to be collected, which person(s) will be authorized to access information, and the possible risks involved.

NDA with Employees

We also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each of our employees at hire. We clearly state that failing to uphold the agreement is ground for legal action and termination. We regularly update employees about the importance of data protection and provide updated practices to ensure company standards are not compromised.

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We understand importance of punctuality in software industry and we believe to deliver high quality and secure products on time.

We have good record to prepare project timeline and deliver work on defined timeline. We have good track record in last 5 years. We haven’t delayed a single app/web project in past 5 years. We have good combination of technical department and management to make sure we are punctual for delivery and client meetings.

Management Team

We have highly experienced management team responsible for project management, sales, delivery and client meetings. There are several causes for project delay from management side. Our team works smart to avoid delays. We have policies for management team to avoid delay in client meetings and project delivery.

Technical Team

We always believe to work with less but experienced developers. Our experienced developers understand importance of delivery of quality build. We always have backup developers for unfortunate situations. Our developers strictly follow project timeline and closely work with management team.



Planning is crucial to ensure expected output and our team of strategists, developers, designers, marketers and administrators hatch out a detailed plan for the entire development process for every single app. WE understand Deeply below points before we start project:

Design and Develop

To us, design is much more than just the aesthetics. It's about the functionality. We want your users to have the best experience with your digital business, so we focus on making user experience intriguing, addictive, intuitive and friendly. And With error free, clean coded and highly customisable development being high in demand, we follow agile application development process to address errors and issues with concurrent testing and proactive fixes at every step.


Now starts the real excitement, when you can see your website or app being brought to life! We put the whole developed plan into action by creating a beta version of your product. Each module of the project is scrupulously tested and goes through multiple testing phases under various environments and conditions to ensure the best result.


Get ready to see your finished masterpiece! After all of the testing has been completed and after incremental quality assurance, our experts deploy the end product on respective app stores and web browsers, assuring the passing of the fickle approval process and the standards of the online stores.


We boast of a highly experienced support team to help our customers achieve business objectives through the app. We ensure guiding your app to success with continuous post development support.

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