Case Details: Workout Log

Project Overview:

Daily Workout Logs is app basically used in gym to store the reps and weight done by the user. It help user to identify their daily, weekly or monthly exercise chart. User can see their exercise chart or create thier workout schedule using this app. By using pro version user can store data to the clout so if device is changed users exercise data will be safe.

  • 2014
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • UI/UX
  • Activity Club
What We Did
  • Application
  • User Interface
  • Publish
  • Maintanence
  • Marketing
Clients Expectation
  • ✔ App should be unique and supported in almost all Android and iOS devices.
  • ✔ App should responsive and easy ui navigation.
  • ✔ App should be login with Email.
  • ✔ User can pay for pro using the app for better functionality and storage.
  • ✔ User can store data of exercise using this app like reps and weight.
  • ✔ Payment method should be safe and sound.
  • ✔ User can see the history of their exercise.
  • ✔ User can mail or share the data of their exercise.
What We Deliver
  • ✔ We developed an admin panel to manage contact between users and company.
  • ✔ We have developed and implemented responsive api for the all data storage of exercise.
  • ✔ We have implemented payment gateway to faster payment with responsive and secure method.
  • ✔ We have created feature for give history for users exercise.
  • ✔ We have implemented functionality to generate pdf of data for exercise and mail to the receiver.
  • ✔ App send and maintain data between cloud and app using responsive api
  • ✔ We have added feature that user can set their custom target and notify when milestones done.
  • ✔ Notepad can save note for exercise.
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