Case Details: Go Quicky

Project Overview:

Get in touch with your friends with the excitement tools in one application, Share your moments of life with people exhibiting photos, videos and text posts in the "New" section you will see everything from around the World, you will not miss any single post (for this you do not need to have thousands of subscribers, and an incredible amount of likes) Make comments, like your favourite posts and send gifts, meet new people, invite them to chat.

  • 2013
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • UI/UX
  • Chit Chat Motions
What We Did
  • Application
  • User Interface
  • Publish
  • Maintanence
  • Marketing
Clients Expectation
  • ✔ App should be unique and supported in almost all Android and iOS devices.
  • ✔ App should responsive and easy to play.
  • ✔ User can create their profile with phone no.
  • ✔ App should have section for universal photos around the world.
  • ✔ App should have fully functional chat.
  • ✔ User can follow other users.
  • ✔ User can add Post which will be shown to other users with privacy support.
  • ✔ User can payment using app from prime membership.
  • ✔ User can comment and like to the post.
What We Deliver
  • ✔ We have maintained web admin panel for back end support.
  • ✔ We have managed clean and innovative ui for this social app.
  • ✔ We have implemented home screen which contain all photos and posts around the world so that user can interact with other users.
  • ✔ We added chat screen with custom smileys, gifts, videos.
  • ✔ User can add photos, posts, location with comment and like functionality.
  • ✔ We add privacy so that user can set their posts privacy.
  • ✔ Prime member will trending to other users.
  • ✔ User can search other users using smart search.
  • ✔ functionality added to customise your profile with your own style and mood by a large palette of strict and brutal to delicate and light colours.
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