Case Details: Car Dashboard Command

Project Overview:

A leading European company came to us with a proposal to develop a Car Dashboard Manager App for their customers. This application needed to be developed for Android and iOS. Normal user can use this application and measure his car’s parameter like temperature, speed, fuel etc. This app warns user when in scenarios when Car is at over speed, Fuel is low, Instant break, Coolant temperature goes high etc.

  • 2013
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • UI/UX
  • Workshop On Wheels
What We Did
  • Application
  • User Interface
  • Publish
  • Maintanence
  • Marketing
Clients Expectation
  • ✔ App should be unique and supported in Android and iOS platforms.
  • ✔ App should be secured and high performance.
  • ✔ All user’s data should be stored in server.
  • ✔ App should connect using OBD-2 cable.
  • ✔ Read data from ELM327 adapter that connects via Bluetooth.
  • ✔ Display all values from sensor like Engine load, Breaking parameters, fuel indicators, Fuel consumption, etc.
  • ✔ User should instantly notify when Car is at over speed, Fuel is low, high coolant temperature and Instant break.
  • ✔ App should display all parameter values in analog and digital way.
  • ✔ User can change settings like Temperature, Fuel consumption, Speed, Distance and Torque units.
  • ✔ User can change limits of Temperature and Speed of car for instant notifications.
What We Deliver
  • ✔ We developed an admin panel to add and edit users.
  • ✔ We prepared UI based on client’s requirement.
  • ✔ Mobile App enables user to login with customer Id.
  • ✔ User need to connect device only once and next time when car starts device connects with app automatically.
  • ✔ We implement socket programming to enable app to read data through OBD-2 cable.
  • ✔ We implemented IOT concept. App can read and write data to BLE of sensor through BLE.
  • ✔ We used instant notification and also used GPS so user can get instant notification and location of car.
  • ✔ App is sending instant notifications to user in such cases like Car are at over speed, Fuel is low, high coolant temperature and Instant break.
  • ✔ User is able changes settings like units and limits.
  • ✔ We implemented our pre-defined set of security protocols to keep app secure, client is happy with performance.
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