Case Details: Activity Club

Project Overview:

Compete with your friends! Activity.Club is a health and fitness app that makes it easy to compete against your friends and motivate each other to stay fit. Whether you have a Fitbit, Jawbone, or Google Fit, or Samsung S Health, Activity Club has you covered.

Activity Club is capable to measure health data and previed that data into graphs also. User can easily edit their profile details and their data from profile section and this data can sharable to any other friends.

  • 2013
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • UI/UX
  • Activity Club
What We Did
  • Application
  • User Interface
  • Publish
  • Maintanence
  • Marketing
Clients Expectation
  • ✔ App should be unique and supported in almost all Android and iOS devices.
  • ✔ App should responsive and easy ui navigation.
  • ✔ All data should be recorded on server under different user.
  • ✔ App should be login with user’s social profile.
  • ✔ App should record all activities of user from Fitness apps contains like Health kit, Google Fit, etc
  • ✔ User can follow different groups and club for get updates from it.
  • ✔ There should be web admin panel to add and edit user’s detail and manage other details.
  • ✔ User can join different adventure challenges and get points after performing it, also can compare it’s position with universal leaderboard.
  • ✔ User can view activities history with different graphs like Bar graph, Line graph, etc
What We Deliver
  • ✔ We developed an admin panel to add and edit users and manage other details like export reports, view history of users.
  • ✔ We prepared UI wireframe with easy navigation as per client requirements. So client review virtual navigation first and confirm it with necessary changes.
  • ✔ Mobile App enables user to login/register with email or can login directly with use of social account details like Facebook.
  • ✔ We added feature for allow user to link different Fitness apps more than 10 like Healthkit, Google Fit, Fitbit, etc. That way all activities will auto sync in our app and user hadn’t need to add all things manually.
  • ✔ We added feature create different groups and club pages so different users within app can follow it for gets updates as per user’s interests.
  • ✔ We implemented more than 5 different graphs for review and export activities history.
  • ✔ We also implemented small music library which contains few workout musics playlist for play as per user’s interest.
  • ✔ User is able changes settings like units, limits, etc.
  • ✔ We also allowed user to share his activities and rans on his social media profile.
  • ✔ We implemented our pre-defined set of security protocols to keep app secure, client is happy with performance.
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